Problems of relationships can only be sorted out in relationships



Couple counselling is all about relationships, providing a safe space to relate honestly and openly to one another. Whether you are gay or straight, in a long-term relationship or married, relationships throw up all sorts of challenges and obstacles. Often we get stuck. Differences, old habits and insecurities abound and often threaten to undermine trust and intimacy. In the non-judgmental, relaxed, friendly but focused atmosphere of a counselling session it is often possible to explore these difficulties, bringing more positive enjoyment, creativity and desire back into your relationship.

Sometimes however one or both partners wish to end the relationship. This too can be facilitated through talking in a therapeutic setting and made less painful and less expensive for all concerned.

Often try as they might, some folks simply cannot commit to loving relationships. This may be the result, among other reasons, of having suffered a childhood trauma or the loss of a loved parent or spouse. The place to sort out and overcome these blockages and fears is in a therapeutic relationship, which is what counselling and psychotherapy is all about.

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